System on Chip Solutions for the Future

About Dragonchip

Dragonchip Limited designs and markets a line of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions under the Dragonchip brand name. While focusing only on chip design and marketing, Dragonchip outsources actual chip manufacturing to some of the most advanced, largest and cost effective chip manufacturers. This allows Dragonchip to provide excellence in innovation and service while we maximize the product value to our customers.


Dragonchip specializes in SoC solutions based on embedded Flash, MCU, USB, DSP and other proven design technology. We target consumer and communication markets where our unique competence in the building of low-voltage, low power-consumption semiconductors can be fully leveraged.


Dragonchip's expertise falls specifically in these areas:

1. Application Specific integrated chip design for consumer and communication markets

2. SoC solution composing of embedded Flash, MCU, USB, DSP and other proven design blocks

3. Low-voltage, low-power consumption integrated chips

4. Advanced CMOS / Mixed Signal DesignIf you need an advanced solution for your SoC needs, contact Dragonchip today. 

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